What is Chow Chow?

First of all, we’re not talking about the fluffy little dog breed (cute as they may be!)

We’re talking about a unique pickled relish that will get your taste buds tingling.

People debate how chow chow originated. Some say it came from Asia, while others say it came down to Louisiana with the Nova Scotians. 

The exact origin of the name "chow chow" is unclear, but people think it originated from a pidgin English term used in China to refer to various odds and ends or mixed bits and pieces. This term was later adopted by English-speaking sailors who used it to describe a mixture of preserved fruits and vegetables that they encountered during their travels.

We have a cultural connection to chow chow as well. Chow chow is often associated with the Pennsylvania Dutch and the southern United States.

(Side note: Trish can speak “Pennsylvania Dutch”, a German dialect used by the Amish, but Ernie can’t.)

The chow chow that we carry is a cabbage based chow chow, but also includes peppers and onions. The pickling brine has both sugar and vinegar, so it’s a dynamic sweet and sour combination.

This recipe also includes jalapeno peppers, to give it a spicy kick. We carry both a mild and hot chow chow.

It’s good anywhere you enjoy relish, like brats, hot dogs, hamburgers, or even in a salad!

If you enjoy adventurous flavors, you really need to try the Southern Chow Chow!

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