Handcrafted Delicious Jams

It's time for real food. Food that takes you back to Grandma's kitchen. Food that makes you want to sit down with the people you love and enjoy a home cooked meal.

We're a Small Business with BIG Dreams

In 1995 my mom, Rachel Miller, took a family jam recipe and started making jam in a humble commercial kitchen at her home. Now in its second generation, I (Trish) along with my husband Ernie operate our small jam business from our home here in North Central Texas.

Handmade Jams

Dutch Apple Butter
Strawberry Jam
Blackberry Jam
Peach Jam

Pickled Vegetables

The Pantry Pack
Old Fashioned Dill Pickles
Pickled Beets
Bread & Butter Squash

Join Rachel's Family

First of all, if you're already one of our loyal customers: Thank you! Without you, this business would be impossible.

We wanted to create a monthly membership that would have some really great perks for you:

Exclusive discounts, priority access, and everything that a member of Rachel's Family deserves (except for hugs, which are really hard to send over the internet).

Variety Packs

If this is your first time here, check out our variety packs. They’re a great way to taste some of our most popular flavors. We have variety packs for both our pickled vegetables and for our handmade jams.


Hear our customers express their love for our products!

I ordered 4 different items from these guys and they were SO GOOD I ordered 1 of everything they sell!! They make a fabulous variety of products!!!


This is SO good! I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where the berries were plentiful and the jam's so good. Now I live in Chicago where the jam is from a jar in a store, probably made in a huge machine a hundred miles from a berry bush. I'd forgotten how much I loved good homemade jam until I tried this. The grocery store jam has been ignored in the back of the fridge ever since I got this.


Our beets were the best we’ve ever eaten and were so very fresh. The jams were just like my mom made. Thank you. I'm so happy with my orders and I’ll be ordering again soon.